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The meaning of the Romanian word ‘ Dor’, according to four Transylvanian women.

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The Bucharest Lounge

In most languages and cultures there are words  that are  difficult to translate to other languages.  We get close with a translation, but never precise. This has to do with many things. A word and a concept has history,  feelings and memories. Words also evolve in a social, political and cultural context.

I put the Romanian word ‘ dor ‘ in this category of words. I instantly fell in love with this word, as I first experienced it as something that has to do with a deep, profound  longing. I was thinking of my longing to Romania as a constant ‘dor’. The more I learned about the word, the wider I realized it’s meaning. I don’t know either, perhaps I can never fully understand it ?

I asked four inspirational, Transylvanian women about their conception of the word ‘ dor’. Here is what they say.

Meet :

Alina Zara-Prunean  from Mandra Chic…

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Autor: Dana Constantinescu Mediclass

Director Medical/Administrator-Centrul Medical Mediclass

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